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“David has an infectious sense of adventure, a selfless community spirit and a fire in the  belly that gives everyone around him the belief in their dreams. Whereas many people get  stuck at the ‘why,’ David is one of those rare people who immediately says ‘how’ and gets busy achieving. I’ve purposefully spent as much time as possible with David over the past  decade, because in a World of doubters and set-backs, he shares my desire to step out and do things differently. Speaking selfishly, it serves you well to surround yourself by ‘Can Do’ people.”

MARK BEAUMONT BEM, Adventurer, Speaker, Author, Record-Breaking Cyclist


Neil Laughton

I have known David for over thirty years. He has been a pivotal co-leader and team member in countless adventurous projects and expeditions from Britain to Bhutan, India to Indonesia and Norway to Nepal. 


David has a generosity of spirit and willingness to take on the seemingly insurmountable, which has resulted in making many a mad cap scheme a successful reality. His innate skills at capturing the sense of adventure and imagination of young people is extraordinary.


In my capacity as Chief Leader for the British Exploration Society, David was instrumental in training, mentoring and inspiring hundreds of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He even helped me sail a Tall Ship across the North Sea from Sweden to England with 60 inner city kids up the rigging.

NEIL LAUGHTON, Director, Laughton & Co Ltd

Chairman, Scientific Exploration Society

Secretary, Penny Farthing Club

"There are not many people who can make a 54 mile hike in 24 hours a really fun event but David is one of them. Just when you’ve had enough, in the middle of nowhere, there’s a fire-breathing dragon, an ice cream stall, a serving of haggis, fireworks over a remote loch... and so it goes on. He not only organised the event but was a huge support throughout the whole thing, popping up everywhere offering encouragement but most of all with genuine enthusiasm and kindness."

POLLY MURRAY Adventurer and first Scottish woman to climb Everest.


“David  has  discovered  that  the  difference between ‘ordinary’ and  ‘extraordinary’ simply  requires commitment to our vision, our motivation and most importantly our action taking.”

ROBIN SEIGER, Peak Performance Expert

"My cousin David is the most extraordinary force. His positivity runs through every vein in his body. His energy combined with his brilliant unique imagination has led him to create fantastic events that provide challenges and fun for the participants but also raise millions for good causes. The most amazing thing is that he never sets a challenge that he wouldn't do himself. When you are with him you feel that nothing is impossible."

WILLIAM FOX-PITT MBE, Olympic medalist and internationally acclaimed Three Day Eventer

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“David's goal in life is to help other people and by jove, he has definitely ticked that box, over and over again!


David is simply the most inspiring man you could ever hope to meet. From supporting our school children with the annual 'Leadership Challenge' (come rain or shine), regular weekend camps for pupils and charities to public speaking, you can't help but thrive in being exposed to, as David so eloquently coins it, 'Positiverosity.'


Outwith David's passion for the outdoors he has also been known to ride his Penny Farthing in our school's theatre, of which is no mean feat I assure you! This typically British spectacle forms part of David's Enrichment talk which truly inspires both staff and pupils alike to take chances, live with integrity and ultimately ... Positiverosity."



Head of Outdoor Learning & Duke of Edinburgh Award Manager

Sports Department, Glenalmond College, Perth. PH1 3RY

“Our Chinese guests found David’s positive energy and enthusiasm infectious; He has the ability to reach out and communicate across cultural divides and to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones. This included Scottish dancing which we all threw ourselves into with reckless abandon!”


LIN SIAO FOU-MENUHIN, Founder, Culture Trek

David and Mark at the Etape Royale

“David is a bundle of positive energy whose main aim in life seems to be concocting ever more challenging ways for people to suffer, and in doing so, inspire themselves out of their comfort zone, and along the road to personal improvement and self belief."

ROB WAINWRIGHT, Former Captain of the Scottish Rugby Team

"David’s informative and energetic speech left our colleagues inspired to lead not only more positive lives, but healthier ones too, both in the workplace and personally. David’s fascinating story motivated us all to look at what we can do to help others and has already inspired our team to begin a walking challenge for charity.’ 



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David Fox-Pitt MBE

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